Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marines Chow on Thai Jungle Snacks

This is no special bug eating episode of Survivor, just another day of training for US Marines as their Thai counterparts teach them the finer points of jungle survival. The exercises name "Cobra Gold" takes on a whole new meaning as the Marines drink snake blood and get a taste of the meatier bits as well. We just want to construct our own bug eating vessel that looks like a drive up jungle bank deposit tube. 

Jungle Survival Training 
Photo by US Marines Cpl. Stroud
This particular marine has found a very interesting means for food transportation, which doesn't seem to be working out to his liking. Eating insects and other creepy crawlies may make for an easy subject to poke fun. However, these joint training exercises allow each nation's servicemen share their own specialties and areas where they excel, which certainly creates synergy between the different forces that can carry over into multi-lateral operations, not to mention possible camaraderie gained from going through the training together. 

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