Monday, February 6, 2012

Kommando Speaks English

One of bad parts about reading international guns and gear mags is the inability to tell the wife that you read them for the articles. Of course you have some great British options that have a similar language to English, but great options like Kommando have been like a kid's picture book for daddy. A bad ass well equipped daddy, but nonetheless, the back story and intrigue behind any of the weaponry, tactical products, and training tactics is lost on most Americans.

Kommando International Special Operations Magazine
Kommando clearly saw the world wide appeal of their magazine and decided to release an edition in a language that was more widespread than German. Luckily China just makes a lot of the products being manufacturing, however the consumer base is simply not there.  Luckily for us, English was the chosen language for Kommando's International Special Operations Magazine. It also can't hurt that a large potential market is stationed in Germany. 

The first edition covers the small arms of German Special Ops Units from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.  Single orders are taken for around $19 including shipping cost. This is a 112 page fully glossy magazine with a very specific focus, so it is well worth the cost for something you won't find at your local bookstore just yet. Order via email:

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