Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giving a Whole New Meaning to POG

The military has always had a love affair with acronyms, but sometimes they can conflict or confuse when the same combination of letters means two completely different concepts. The U.S. Army released the latest information on the new Pelvic Protection System for soldiers outside the wire.

This is a two layer set of groin and femoral artery protection that consists of a P.U.G. (protective under garment) and P.O.G. (protective outer garment). The PUG is essentially direct contact underwear that protects the groin, thighs, and particularly the femoral artery. It also serves as a buffer from the POG, which is a second layer of ballistic protection that is less flexible and conforming. 

BCB Protective Under Garment
Photo by US Army

We are sure the latter will get plenty of snickers as POG has become popularly termed over the a few decades for "People Other than Grunt" or many other similar derivatives, and mostly used in a demeaning or self deprecating fashion. I don't think too many soldiers would like either a PUG nor POG that close to their genital region though we could be wrong depending on the circumstances, especially for the latter of the two.

It appears that BCB International out of the UK had a hand in lending their concept of the Blast Boxers to Natick for some tweaking, at least when it came to the first tier of the system shown here. Interestingly they were turned down for another vendor to outfit the UK military in Afghanistan with their underwear innovation.

We are sure you can sling different names around to your hearts content however, if soldiers are coming home with everything where it belongs in the nether regions, we are sure they could care less what its called.

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  1. I love it, it is about time somebody actually puts time into protecting the bleeder points.