Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eberlestock's Discreet Rifle Packs

Many of the pack designs coming from the big brand pack manufacturer don't hide the fact that a major function is for carrying a rifle. However, Eberlestock has now developed two new packs that conceal rifles within a typical commercial pack that does not scream tactical or military.

The S25 Cherry Bomb was designed to fit an M4 with a 7" barrel. There are plenty of conceal carry options out there for pistols, which is running the market ragged with new products to fulfill the everyday carry. This is a great trend for booming gun ownership, so it is great to see these new packs for the discreet rifleman.

Eberlestock S25 Cherry Bomb Conceal Carry Pack
There is something for everyone if the demand permits and Eberlestock has done a great job at creating packs to fulfill these needs. There is a wide variety of camouflage options to choose from based on your own personal hunting grounds as well as many tactical packs with their own UNICAM Digital, Multicam, and as we saw recently A-TACS. Even colors like Ranger or Olive Green and Coyote may give too much attention for one's comfort, so having these new subdued colors could help draw in a new market for these packs.

S34 Secret Weapon Pack - Interior
One of their other new non-pack products could provide a similar effect and also please their established clientele. The new S34 Secret Weapon pack was developed to fit Eberlestock's new M11 Stealth Rifle Chassis. This system provides for a collapsible rifle that quickly folds up and easily fits in the rear portion of the pack, while still providing plenty of room for additional equipment and sustainment as needed.

Below is a great video from 8541 Tactical, where the companies founder, Glen Eberle demonstrates the functionality of his Stealth Chassis System as well as how it integrates into the pack at SHOT Show 2012.  

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