Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Boot Design: Nike Special Field iD

Nike has taken customization to the next level for high speed boots, by allowing you to choose the colors and even materials for key parts of their Special Field Boot. You can choose between Suede and Leather for the base of the up and the same selection plus canvas for the quarter panel of the upper. You pick all coloring all the way down to the eyelets and laces, with a camo selection for the quarter panel. You can even have two tone outsoles if you really want to get wild. 

In addition they added the iD feature which allows you to put your own signature with up to 12 characters on each boot. However, they appear to censor your ingenious message fairly well by not allowing well known French words. Unfortunately the Richards of the world will need to go by their full name. We made a quick mock up to show some variety. You can build your own at:

Nike iD Special Field Boots
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