Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Defense Courier Messenger Bag

The 21st Century has brought us men the requirement to carry around a lot more items around on a daily basis than ever before. Hazard 4 has developed their Defense Courier Tactical Laptop-Messenger bag  to meet the growing demand and now offer it in the popular MultiCam and A-TACS Camouflage patterns.

Hazard 4 Tactical Laptop/Messenger Bag in A-TACS AU Camo

Previously we were just fine with a good wallet that you could use into oblivion with the exception of those needing a briefcase at hand or the formidable man purse and fanny pack. You can blame advancements in electronics and widespread wireless coverage, which have provided us with devices that are small enough to allow easy mobility, but to large in some cases to fit in your pocket. 

The new age has given rise to the messenger bag, which has now seen many different designs as different nylon gear manufacturers jump on board to provide their own manly iteration. The growth in the conceal carry market has also pushed companies to create solutions for safe and discreet weapons stowage.

Defense Courier Messenger Bag MOLLE Panel
With the Defense Courier bag, you have an internal panel with webbing that supports compatible MOLLE holsters as well as magazine, and other pouches needed. There are also three pockets in the organizer that will hold a full sized pistol, as well as side pockets that easily hold paddle holsters and STANAG magazines. They also boast the capability to fit select folding stock carbine and sub-machine guns. While the name is a giveaway for the laptop carry option, they also note that you can swap out the computer for an armor plate for additional protection where the bag is seated.

Hazard 4 Tactical MultiCam Laptop/Messenger Bag

At the SHOT Show we had a chance to talk with one of the representatives from Hazard 4 and they have a lot of interesting concepts in the works. We only mentioned a few of the features that they focused on in the overall design of their messenger bag, so check out the full specs at:

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