Monday, February 6, 2012

Danner Closeouts and Seconds at "The Breakroom"

New coupon and discount sites are all the rage these days. Companies like Groupon and Gear Hog as well as "deal" aggregating sites are being a huge business in this economy as people are looking to save a buck anyway possible. Danner is taking the initiative on their own to provide their high quality footwear at a discount to the masses on a bi-weekly basis. 

The new company website called The Breakroom brings drop rate pricing for factory seconds and closeout boots and shoes that are offered every 2 weeks for a limited 3 day basis. If you are not familiar with a factory second, just think a scratch on the stainless steel of a dishwasher or in this case a chip in the leather or other simple defect. This effectively nulls the warranty, but when you are potentially paying less than 50% of the retail cost, you may think twice about the aesthetics. 

There is also the case where a particular product line has become redundant and they just need to clean house. The Breakroom will provide these closeouts along with the aforementioned products at a 30-70% discount. In the scheme of things, manufacturers offer these in-house sales all the time. Danner just took the initiative to create a completely separate online store, to make for an easy quick check for steals.  

Danner Marine Hot Steel Toe Military Boots

We checked out The Breakroom to see if it was a real money saver or just a place to throw the junk. It turns out that this is no joke. Products are categorized for easy search and differentiated for the ladies, hiking, Made in America (military?), and everything else. While we did not see Taco Bell pricing, you could pick up a Danner Marine Hot Steel Toe Military Boots for $149 instead $281. It is definitely worth the 5 second sign up to take a look at the wares and see if you can save some cash on boots already on your shopping list. Check out the savings at:

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