Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chris Kyle Sports Kryptek Mountain Mimicry Jacket

Kryptek Pridbor Defender Jacket
The U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort finalist Kryptek LEAF recently announced that Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle was joining their team, presumably to get the word out on their effective camouflage patterns.

Here is a video from the Today show where the SEAL sniper tells a bit of his story that he recently wrote about in his new book "American Sniper". 

Clearly he is already sporting the team colors during the interview with Kryptek's Mountain Mimicry camo. That is not the only pattern in the shot as we are sure their will be plenty of folks drooling over his rifles MultiCam stock.

We will save the commentary on his illustrious marksmanship for him to tell. Take a look, its in a book. If you wait for it, the Holstein concealment pattern could really be promising for the newscaster at the end of the bit. It works great in the plains of Texas and Oklahoma. 

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  1. Krytek products are so incredibly good! Their new LEAF camo that is coming out is really cool - now you will have the best 2 camo pattern options available! And Chris Kyle redefines the term "Humble BAD-ASS"!!!...