Friday, February 24, 2012

Aurora Flight Systems Pegged for Unmanned A-10

You certainly don't want to be on the receiving end of the rain of fire laid down by the A-10C Thunderbolt's 30mm rotary cannon, which can churn out close to 4,000 rounds per minute. Of course if you are the one pumping out the depleted uranium shells and vaporizing hidden Taliban combatants in the process, you certainly can enjoy and respect the power of the Warthog. If that didn't get the job done, a few air to surface missiles can certainly clean up the intended target. 

Photo by Air Force Tech Sgt. Hecht
In what will certainly be every military youtube junky and Battlefield gamer's ultimate fantasy, Aurora Flight Systems out of Manassas, VA will be developing an unmanned Persistant Closed Air Support air vehicle for the DARPA in support of Defense industry powerhouse Raytheon. This project has been long in the works with a Solicitation listed back in late 2010. DARPA has requested that the air platform provide the ability to utilize at least 4 typos of weapons systems including an Avenger 30 mm cannon, 2.75" rockets, a 500 lb  JDAM strike with GPS targeted coordinates, and a laser guided Maverick missile.

As a whole the unmanned A-10C should certainly be a JTAC operator's ultimate air support system with the ability to engage multiple targets simultaneously and simply clean house for the boots on the ground. If staring down the barrel of the Warthog wasn't enough perspective of the A-10C's power and you haven't personally laid witness to its veracity, here is a popular video which is a true testament to what this beast provides in terms of air support for our troops in Afghanistan. 

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