Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arizona HB2728 to Block Hunting Silencer Laws

The state house has passed legislation to amend title 17 of the Arizona revised statutes nullifying any ban by the state Game and Fish Commission regarding the use of devices utilized to silence, muffle, or reduce the report of a firearm while hunting and block the adoption of new laws hindering future use. This bill does not move to change any other laws regarding hunting and must still pass the State Senate before moving forward to the Governor's desk to be signed into law, which should be a quick path.

Silencerco Saker
We provided the full text of the bill below, which is surprisingly easy to read and understand within a minutes time, especially if you just skip to the good parts. Some legislators have pretty idiotic stances against the use of silencers, but cooler heads are clearly prevailing to ease their way to the hunting grounds of Arizona sealing further advances for gun ownership rights in our great state. Hopefully other states will take heed and follow suit. 


  1. Im in AZ and was just talking to a friend of mine about wanting to hunt with .22 suppressors. Hope this passes soon!