Monday, January 9, 2012

Taliban Hunter Azizullah in Tiger Stripes

Commander Azizullah  had an affinity for MultiCam, which may explain why he now has what look to be Crye Precision Combat Pants AC outfitted with what could have been his personal request for Jungle Tiger Stripe camouflage. Unfortunately our sources have confirmed that the combat pants and coat are knock offs on the patented design. It was also noted that he is waring a Mossy Oak cap, which may very well have been gifted.

While he is listed as a simple local Afghan National Police Commander for the Paktika province, some have called him the Afghan Chuck Norris and is a hero for many, while feared by his foes in the Taliban who have tried in the past and continue to seek his assassination. He is an ethnic Tajik much like Ahmad Shah Massoud, the Lion of Panjshir who lead the Northern Alliance against the Taliban and was assassinated the day prior to September 11th, 2001. Fortunately Azizullah is still around and unlike Chuck Norris is apprehending Taliban on a regular basis. 

Commander Azizullah Bagging Another Taliban
Photo by  US Army Spc. Barnes
Clearly this Commander in the ANP is a bad ass operator with his Skull & Crossbones Taliban Hunting Club patch and a Harley Davidson emblem with Special MP replacing the company namesake and Paktika/Afghanistan listed in lieu of Motor/Cycles.

Along with his very unique Tiger stripe camo uniform, Azizullah knows how to pick high end kit. He doubles up on watches with a Suunto on his left wrist and what looks like a Garmin Foretrex Hiking GPS receiver on his right. He is also fully equipped with a plate carrier, Blackhawk Serpa Holster, IFAK, Massive Knife, Thales MBITR Radio, and is known to carry a modified AMD-65 Rifle with a Eotech Holographic Sight with Magnifier.

While his full loadout is impressive reports on his constant onslaught against the Taliban sound like things of legend. He has some reports of erroneous behavior as a Commander and has allegedly done some very bad things in the eyes of the international community, such as strapping fallen enemies on the hood of his vehicle and driving them into town as a warning. It appears that he is a friendly for the time being and has worked closely with U.S. Special Forces and ISAF/NATO members in the region.

If similar Afghan Commanders can follow his lead and stay on the straight and narrow, then there could be some hope for the ANP and others in the Afghan security community to counter any Taliban resurgence.

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