Thursday, January 19, 2012

TacticalTECH1 Rescue Tactical Equipment

We ran across the TacticalTECH1 booth and found their innovative designs quite interesting. This is just a few new samples of their extensive products designed for military, law enforcement, fire, and rescue. The loop panels on the pack and kit shown below is a new feature for the company, which provides for a lightweight neoprene based modular system to add additional pouches. 

TacticalTECH1 Prototype Pack
It was noted for the pack that this is merely a prototype modular panel system and they have an additional support system in the works for the loop panel as it is not durable enough to hold heavy pouches without harming the integrity of the material. The goal is to have several products featuring this new loop panel including a load bearing vest. The panel on the small kit is sufficient to hold small add-ons such as a tourniquet or other lightweight safety equipment. Seeing what is out there thus far at SHOT Show 2012, several manufactures have similar goals in mind with comparable aesthetics, but different features. 

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