Sunday, January 1, 2012

Survival Preparedness: 2012 Bug Out Briefcase

While us every day schlubs are perfectly fine with a bug out and rifle bag, Stag Arms along with Lan Word Inc. have found it appropriate to target top level talent with their 2012 Executive Survivors Kit. This is a essentially a pre-packaged Pelican 1700 Long Case that includes sectioned foam to hold a Stag Arms Model 2 AR-15 Rifle, two 30-Round Mags with Ammo, EoTech 517 Sight, Gerber Multi-Tool and Flashlight, Cleaning/Repair/First Aid Kits, Sling, and One MRE Ration. 

Stag Arms 2012 Executive Survivors Kit
Now some may find this gimmicky which would be unheard of in the firearms industry. Qhen the "SHTF", we would want to be secure in knowing that there is one meal ready to eat for however long it may take to get our  sustainment surplus. If you are an Executive you should easily have the $2012 to dish out for this fine collection of survival supplies and have them at the ready under your Cocobolo Office Suite. 

This combined with your high rise parachute and MultiCam Suit Jacket will make you the envy of the entire building. When that comet falls from the sky and a cloud of earth blacks out the sun, you always have your rifle at hand to help pilfer what the doorman has been saving up in the janitor's closet to extend your supplies We just wish there was a spot to keep our bone colored business cards with Silian Rail lettering. 

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  1. Shouldn't that be Black Hills instead of PMC? If you're gonna be high-end, go all the way! The rest looks pretty good, though.