Friday, January 13, 2012

SEAL Team VI Action Figure

You may be saying to your self, "Oh back to back Navy SEAL posts, must be a lame attempt at drawing in the mall ninja crowd". Well you would be wrong sir, there are much greater problems facing us than spoon feeding needless special operations hype to needy children, waiting for their mom's to dish out the weeks allowance, so they can go get the latest PS3 Mod Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Helmet with integrated headset, so they can hear those footsteps just a tad better in the latest Modern Warfare rehash. No, that really isn't a real product, though I am sure someone in China will make a piece of crap resemblance for you if the price is right. 

Soldier Story: SEAL Team VI Action Figure

A much larger problem is facing us and we have found a solution to the slander being spit out by the very befittingly named MAD DUO Their claims that we are Glee fan boys are quite egregious. Clearly that show jumped the shark when they were unable to get Freddy Mercury to make a cameo in last years episode dedicated to "Queen" hits. A fine man once said, pick on someone your own size and we feel Soldier Story with their SEAL Team VI: Operation Neptunes Spear, Naval Special Warfare Group Development Group Action Figure, we have found their match! Frankly, one could send a letter over to Don Shipley and get to the bottom of their "Story", but we this intricately designed miniscule warrior can get the job done. 

You really have to give it to the guys at Soldier Story for putting this fully outfitted model of what they gathered would best represent a Navy SEAL that took in what will go down as one of the most heroic missions of modern times. From the Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants and  HK416 in matching AOR1 camouflage to the mini Mechanix gloves and tiny patches, you have to give it to them for at least creating decent replication even based on  a little imagination rather than accuracy. 

SEAL Team VI Action Figure - Operation Neptune's Spear
All we know is that the Loco Deuce will be quaking in their knockoff Belleville's while waiting in anticipation for the next batch of American Idol auditions when they see this very bad man magically appear in their unholy man cave without any invitation. By the way, if the word, "Queen wasn't featured in Glee last year", then please  rethink how you spend the relatively minimal time you have left on this planet.

Be sure to check out Mad Duo at the previously linked Facebook Page and really are good guys even if their blasphemy gets the best of them at times. The new Soldier Story action figure will soon be available for purchase at

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