Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SDCR Chest Rig From ExtremeGearLabs

ExtremeGearLabs is a small company out of Colorado specializing in custom load bearing kit designs and consulting. The SDCR is a limited run design taken from a combination of requirements from various individuals and organizations.

In this design, this chest rig is optimized for a right handed shooter thus starting from the leftmost cargo pouch (interior is velcro lined for additional organizations), there is a small velcro flapped pocket that can hold a variety of small electronics, cameras, comms, strobe or signals kit. Outboard of this cargo pocket is a single frag pouch, while on the inboard side of this cargo pouch are 4 x chemlight slots.

SDCR Chest Rig in A-TACS FG
Next up on the rig are two M4 magazine pouches left of centerline each hold a single magazine with an adjustable, velcro closed 1/3 width flap covering the magazine.  In the front of the left most pouch is a double pouch for multi-tool and SF pattern flashlight (these pockets can also hold G17 magazines). On the next pouch over is a flapped utility pocket that can accommodate a 4" Israeli/Emergency bandage or a small pair of 10x25 binos.  To the right of centerline, are two double M4 magazine pouches (giving a total capacity of 6 primary) that are velcro flap encloced and bungee corded across the pouch face to ensure retention.

To the right of the double M4 pouches is another cargo pouch with 4 chemlight slots, there are also two horizontally arranged G17 magazine pouches, with an M18 type smoke pocket on the exterior of the RH cargo pouch.  Inside each cargo pocket is loop velcro for organizer pocket attachment, and a dummy cord D-ring is affixed to the interior rear face.  Behind each cargo pocket is a slot pocket with bungee loop attachments to facilitate holstered pistol or MBITR radio

The SDCR Chest Rig Shown here was manufactured with ATACS-FG 500D Cordura Nylon and Ranger Green Loop for closure and tag attachment.  These rigs are built on demand, and can be reconfigured to end user needs. For more information or to order contact ExtremeGearLabs through their Facebook Fanpage or via email at

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