Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Orion Design Group Camouflage at SHOT Show 2012

Over the past few years it has not been problem to find a variety of camouflage selections at the SHOT Show, but most of these fell into the hunting category with the twig and leaf patterns among other realistic nature based patterns dominated by Mossy Oak and Real Tree. This year with the U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort, there were a lot of "military-style" patterns that came out of the woodwork. 

Mystery Ranch Pack in Orion Design Group - Phantom Camouflage (Arid Variant)
You even had cross over candidates like Kryptek and Kloak who took their expertise in hunting camo and put it to work with more militaristic designs. Orion Design Group wants it all and are targeting their camouflage designs to prey of all types, whether through hunting or military operations. As with many designers, you have to be a crafty wordsmith, and they don't fail to impress by describing their patterns as, "Cutting edge ungulate and humanoid interdiction camouflage designs", essentially summing up the catch all function of their concealment.

First Spear Booth w/ Uniform, Nylon Gear and, Mandible in ODG Lupus (Transitional Variant)
Having a great camouflage design is only part of the equation. You can have the best concealment system in the world, but if it doesn't see the light of day on clothing, gear, hard goods, et. al, then you are simply a starving artist. Orion Design Group made a big splash at SHOT Show after keeping their Army Solicitation submission under wraps with a few sneak peeks along the way.

No one truly saw the patterns in action till they were on display at the Mystery Ranch, First Spear, OTTE Gear, and perhaps other booths that we missed in the massive adult carnival that is SHOT. With heavy hitters in the industry like this on board, they are bound to get a fair share of the intention in the sea of camo hitting the markets this year. We provided the photos we were able to snag along the way with some being better than others. 

OTTE Gear Soft Shell Jackets in Panthom, Wraith (Woodland Variant), and Lupus (Left to Right)
The big question will be, "How does it fair in the field"? Essentially we don't know, and there is very limited photography out their to show its effectiveness. What we do know is that ODG's camouflage patterns were not selected as finalists for the Army Solicitation. They noted in a statement on Soldier Systems Day that their advanced design methodology, file type, and proprietary print technology were outside of the scope of the Army's Solicitation. As the camouflage Orion Design Group refers to as the Beast patterns go to hunt, we hope to get a better perspective of its ultimate function through field shots and judge for ourselves. 

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