Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OC Tactical MultiCam Grande Patch Panel

You know that guy. The one whose patches have patches of their own. Don't know what you call that, but don't get between him and his hook and loop. For the serious collector such as this, you must have a handy way to display said patches and what better than a Grande swatch of MultiCam camouflage loop. 

OC Tactical MultiCam Grande Patch Panel

OC Tactical doesn't mess around when it comes to a patch panel. This is a two layer system with high end Velcro brand loop bound to 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon. These patches are not going anywhere, that is unless some other patch enthusiast comes along and figures out how to unhook the grommets and make off with your entire collection in one bound. 

Hopefully it goes without saying that the panel does not come with the patches, but we know some people would be confused if we didn't. The MultiCam Grande Patch Panel is $45. OC Tactical is in the midst of  production runs and can be contacted at: for ordering information. 

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