Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New T.A.G. Gear in Duro LightLok MultiCam

The new LiteLok fabric from Duro promises to be 30% lighter than 500 Denier Nylon yet maintains its abrasion resistance and durability through a double layer construction. Tactical Assault Gear spared no time in releasing new products with the new fabric. In fact they didn't even have a name for their new releasable armor carrier shown below. The material has a very intricate stitching and clearly maintains high quality standards for the MultiCam camouflage. 

TAG Releasable Armor Carrier in LiteLok - Un-Named 
This shot gives you close look at the LightLok fabric on the chest of the armor carrier, which has an micro ripstop appearance and is considerably different from the Nylon on the shoulder straps. 

Close Up TAG RAC-Un-Named
One other product they had on hand was their popular Combat Sustainment pack. This photo also gives you  good impression for how the new fabric looks on finished gear.

Combat Sustainment Pack in LiteLok
Also in a glass display were some of Tactical Assault Gear's nylon products in the A-TACS FG camouflage.

T.A.G A-TACS FG Display SHOT Show 2012
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