Monday, January 16, 2012

New EoTech Zombie Sights and Much More!

There was plenty of amazing weaponry on hand at the SHOT Show range day to fill any heart's content. However, a few booths were present showcasing some of their latest and greatest products. We stopped by EoTech, Otis Blue Force Gear, and 5.11 to see their latest and greatest.

EoTech rolled out some pop friendly sights to fulfill the hankering of gamers and those preparing for the inevitable zombie showdown. We guess that somebody has to be a zombie eventually, but a zombie hunter sounds like a much better option. The new Zombie Stopper comes equipped with a radioactive warning symbol reticle as we all know, you can't have a an infestation of undead without your friendly neighborhood nuclear disaster. 

EoTech Zombie Stopper
Otis jumped on board the zed-extravaganza and released their limited edition Zombie Gun cleaning system. What is that you say, yep another radioactive symbol. It appears this rare symbol is worth its weight in gold when you slap it on a gun related product. Hey, you were going to buy it anyway, you may as well get your monies worth when the $h!t hits the fan. 

Otis Zombie Gun Cleaning System
Back to the sweet sights at EoTech Call of Duty MW3 Sight as seen in the hit gamer. Combining guns and gamers could be sure hit for the high tech holographic sight manufacturer.

EoTech MW3 Holographic Hybrid Sight Kit
Blue Force Gear's Helium Whisper line of products has take the tactical industry by storm in providing combat ready kit that is some of the lightest around. Yes, it really is amazingly sleek and about as light as you can get. In addition to the MultiCam pouches seen here they also offer many of their products in A-TACS AU and their onsite reps. had a great tease with A-TACS FG credential holders. 

Last but not least we took a gander at 5.11 Tactical's Screen Ops Gloves. They worked great with Chris's demonstration on his own Smartphone. The fingertips are manufactured with real silver thread to allow for a use with Smartphones, Tablets, and other devices that require a tactile response.

5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Gloves - Shot Show 2012 Range Day
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