Monday, January 30, 2012

KA-BAR 2012 Knive Catalog

Quite the following has been developed in the Military and Tactical community at large for KA-BAR knives. Who can blame those looking for a high quality combat knife when you see the continual development of functional yet bold designs that have received widespread issuance by key elements of the US Military starting with the Marine Corps. 

This catalog keys in on their newest craftsman ship with a hazardous looking Combat Kukri, something fun for the Zombie element, along with their time tested service specific fixed blade military Fighting Knives. They have an interesting lay out that may be a bit daunting for readers, but the photos speak for themselves. 

KA-BAR 2012 Knive Catalog

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  1. I'm particularly a fan of the BK4 Becker Machax. I like the aesthetics and that beaut looks like it can cut through anything!