Friday, January 13, 2012

Hyde Definition's Response to US Army Camouflage Contract Awards

We have been following the PenCott Camouflage family of patterns for quite some time and Hyde Definition was definitely one of the top contenders for the Army Camouflage Improvement Effort with their Multi-environment Camouflage selection. Today they have provided us with their official response to the outcome of the contracts awarded to the four finalists. We have provided this below: 

You will have noticed that Hyde Definition was not included among the list of those awarded development contracts in the PEO Soldier / US Army Camouflage Improvement Initiative.  We were in fact notified in advance of the contracts announcement that we had been disqualified because our PenCott pattern was already available commercially.

We'd like to point out that we found no notice in the RFP that the submitted pattern could NOT be one that was commercially available.  Indeed, the PenCott patterns that we submitted were altered sufficiently from our commercially available versions as to be distinctly for the Army's usage; furthermore, one of the patterns submitted was a new one developed expressly for the purposes of the competition.

We were also disqualified because we didn't supply a letter from a second printer attesting to the manufacturability of our patterns.  Somehow the fact that we've been selling fabric in these patterns for several months (hence the first reason for disqualification!), and the physical samples of Berry-compliant, vat-printed, mil-spec 50/50 NyCo (with nIR and durability test results!) wasn't enough evidence to show the viability of our patterns...

Regardless of whether the Army ultimately fields a new family of camouflage patterns for uniforms and clothing, Hyde Definition's PenCott pattern will continue to be appreciated by users who understand that good camouflage is about effective concealment - not about popularity, fashion or inter-service branding.  We at Hyde Definition are also looking forward to great year in 2012 as we expand our portfolio of patterns, partners and solutions for military and law enforcement professionals, armed citizens, and action sports enthusiasts.

On that note, drop by to see us at the SHOT Show with our friends from SOD Gear and TangoDown at Booth # 27303 - featuring the world premiere of our new "Snowdrift" pattern, and Propel's Quiet Loop product printed in PenCott-GreenZone, PenCott-Badlands and PenCott-Sandstorm.

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