Friday, January 27, 2012

HPG Recon Kit Bag

If you build it they will come doesn't always work. Especially if it is the same old design with just a new manufacturer slapping their logo on it.  However, if they want it, then it will be done. This is how the innovators work to feed the demands of their customers and the Recon Kit bag was developed through such terms. We had touched on the new bag in our coverage of Hill People Gear at SHOT Show, but we didn't realize it would ready for viewing so quickly. 

Recon Kit Bag in MultiCam
What you see with the HPG Recon Kit Bag is their Runner's kit bag with three rows of PAL webbing added to the face of the bag. This was incorporated to meet the needs of Search and Rescue as well as other law enforcement customers looking for additional modularity, but this compact pack can serve many who need lightweight storage options for their pistol among other small tools, and now additional function with personalized pouches added. 

Recon Kit Bag Mesh H-harness
As with the standard Runner's Kit Bag, you have a comfortable vented mesh H-harness seen above. The pouch configurations options are fairly infinite within reason. Spare mags, GP or Admin pouches, and you can't forget a bottle holster for a good load out on this bag. The Recon Kit Bag will be available as soon as early March in Ranger Green and MultiCam camouflage. As with anything, if demand requires additional color selection, then we are sure they will bring it. This bag will soon be available for ordering, and you can view additional spec an photos at Check in at Hill People Gear's Facebook page for ordering updates.

Recon Kit Bag in Action
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