Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guy Cramer's US4CES-D US Army Camouflage Submission

When ADS, Inc. submitted their camouflage selection for the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort, they provided two separate US4CES Family of Patterns designed by HyperStealth's Guy Cramer. These two submissions were designated as US4CES-A and US4CES-D.

We stopped by the ADS, Inc. booth and got a sneak peak at the US4CES-D selection as shown in the photo below, which includes four patterns in total and a four-color palette for each. These are designated as OCIE/PPE, Arid, Transition, and Woodland from bottom to top. These are the same patterns with varied colorways to meet the needs of each targeted terrain. 

US4CES-D Camouflage Family of Patterns
Mr. Cramer noted that the arid variant tested very well during the PIP phase of the competition, however the remaining colorways did not fair as well in their respective environments for the US4CES-D to go forward as a finalist. As we now know, the US4CES-A camouflage patterns designed by Guy Cramer for ADS Inc. has been selected as a finalist and will go forward for further testing. Given the naming similarities of each submission, one may surmise that the two Family of Patterns may be comparable in some ways. 

It has been reported that during the next evaluation stage, US Army soldiers will wear uniforms manufactured with fabric in the patterns of each of the four private camouflage design companies as well as a government submission. Fifty uniforms will be produced for each of the finalist patterns resulting in seven hundred and fifty Uniforms in total for the evaluation process. They will view the soldiers in real world environments in which each of the patterns were intended as well as varied weather conditions. Testing through field trials and computer simulations will provide a final answer as to the recommendation made by PEO Soldier. 

We were also shown two other US4CES-D patterns, which were created to show what a seven color palette transitional selection would appear. This 7-Color Transitional Pattern (Transitional-B) was slanted toward a more arid environment.

US4CES-D Transitional-B
The other 7-Color transitional pattern focused on an environment with more vegetation (Transitional-G). We received revealing looks at some of HyperStealth's camouflage patterns with hexagons in the design, but we will save that for another post. 

US4CES-D Transitional
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