Saturday, January 21, 2012

Field Optics Research BinoPod™ and Eyeshield™

There is a growing range of binocular accessories to improve the use of any top optics. We came across the new BinoPod & Pack System and Eyeshield from Field Optics Research and were impressed with the possible improvement in user experience when equipping your binoculars with their products. 

Starting with the simpler innovation, the Eyeshield attaches to all binoculars and many spotting scopes. The main function is to blog out ambient light and other distractions by providing a to fight to the outside of your eye socket. This is a soft rubber that is comfortable against the skin and flexes easy for adjustment. They easily bend when flexed to flip away from the face when not needed and easily slip on to the eyepiece. The immediate improvement from the blocking of light is evident and you can't argue with function.

The BinoPod and Pack System consists of a four-point harness that integrates onto modular packs. An added chest strap provides stability and a comfortable adjusted fit. The BinoPod easily attaches to the harness and provides for the ability to utilize your optics hands free for long periods of time with minimal effort. 

A variety of Eyeshields are now available with a minimal cost ranging from $10-$20. The BinoPod & Pack System will be available by March of this year. Ordering can be placed direction only at:

Field Optics BinoPod™ & Pack System and Eyeshield™
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