Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DEPSOC 360 Back Forty Camouflage

Another company looking to make a cross over with their camo is MMI Tactical, but this time they are taking their patterns traditionally focus for Military Special Operations and adapting it for use with hunters. They certainly could get plenty of end users hunting both game and the unfriendly two legged variety. This photos focuses on one of their six key camouflage patterns with their Back Forty pattern developed for old growth forests. 

These camo selections can be adjusted by altering the colorway to meet the needs of any terrain. The other five patterns include Brushland, Winter Hardwoods, Spring Underbrush, Tundra, and for those wanting the ultimate in protection against other trigger happy hunter, Trail Blaze, which has a dominant orange coloration. 

DEPSOC 360 Back Forty
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