Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crye Precision RECCE Smock

We said it once and we will say it again, the Smock is the one military clothing item that everyone has to have on board their uniform line of products. The guys over at Crye Precision are certainly no exception. The booth was packed to see the latest designs from the company that brought us the camouflage phenom that is MultiCam. 

Crye Precision RECCE Smock

Obviously Crye is no one trick pony, with their contribution of the FR Army Combat Pant featuring their patented knee pad pocket, which will soon have widespread U.S. Army issuance not to mention use by many soldiers already, to many other top of the line clothing options worn by those on the ground in Afghanistan. It also doesn't hurt that Australia and UK forces have adopted their own MultiCam variants and have an established acceptance of the smock as highly functional outer layer with its variety of pockets.

At just a first look this appears to be a natural design for this apparel, so we are excited to see the full specs and the price point on their simply named RECCE Smock. We do know that this promises to be a lightweight comfortable option in a sea of comparable products. Crye Precision has a lot of new military gear that is sure to open the eyes of the competition and give a reason to ratchet up their own innovation. It is always good when companies jump on board the one-upsmanship in this arena. 

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