Monday, January 23, 2012

Camouflage Concepts: Hexagon Texturing

With the new Kryptek L.E.A.F. camouflage patterns recently being released for viewing by the public along with the Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh, the use of hexagonal shapes in their designs drew our interest. At the ADS Inc. booth during SHOT Show 2012, we had Guy Cramer from HyperStealth on hand to ask him the quick question as to why this new element is making its way out of the woodwork. He was one of the designers for the new Optifade Marsh pattern for Gore's Waterfowl line. 

HyperStealth SpecTex Camouflage
It quickly became apparent that this was no new phenomenon for military camouflage as Mr. Cramer  pulled out the SpecTex camouflage patterned fabric he had on hand, along with several of his other designs. This particular pattern was developed in 2004 for U.S. SOCOM. The pattern has not been officially utilized by the organization.

You can see the SpecTex Patterns in two different colorways to the left in the photo above with a variety of hexagonal patterns incorporated. Upon follow up on the function of the geometry, Mr. Cramer noted that the hexagons add texture to the pattern and allow the base color of the palette to bleed through with in the boundaries creating the unique geometry, which in turn creates a natural look at tactical distances.

We have provided one photo simulation of the Desert Subdued camouflage. You can view additional SpecTex variants in photo-simulations and on uniform at

HyperStealth SpecTex Desert Subdued Camouflage
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