Friday, January 27, 2012

Booth Babe: Heavy Metal

It was a special home state moment for us as this Lenco Armored Vehicle hails from Sierra Vista, AZ with a population of a little over 40,000. This added protection for their police department may be some indication of the lengths taken to protect the public from any violent spill over at the Mexican border which is just 10 miles away. 

Sierra Vista is also home to Fort Huachuca, so a little bit of military surplus spillover may also help out with a few hundred thousand dollar personnel carrier. Lenco is the armored vehicle of choice for S.W.A.T. departments of several major cities across the country including San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Nashville. 

To provide complete disclosure, we must state that this may have not been a booth babe, Wild Bill just got a little jumpy and thought this would be a great photo op as she passed by. We hope you agree. 

Booth Babe with Lenco Armored Vehicle at SHOT Show 2012
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