Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Attack of the Lightweight Plate Carriers

If there was one thing that is uniquely evident at SHOT Show, it is the need to stand out from the rest when it comes to the Plate Carrier market. Clearly the designs that you are capable from creating with Nylon are very finite, so it has come to the point where manufacturers have turned to high tech materials to create a more minimalist design for a lightweight yet modular option ultimate function. Three designs stood out for us in providing the combination of these factors. 

Armor Works has their Modular Plate carrier on display, which has an extremely durable material that you can't tear with shear manpower alone. We tried with all our might to rip of a pouch and it simply wouldn't budge. It is extremely lightweight and will definitely give the competition a run for the money. It will be available in Coyote Brown as seen here along with MultiCam, Ranger Green, and Black.

Armor Works Modular Plate Carrier
Next up is Crye Precision Plate Carrier. If minimalism is the key, then tehy definitely put in their best effort. We didn't work our way over to First Spear just yet, but we have heard they have a similar system in play. Three days remain, so this stone will definitely not go un-turned.
Crye Precision Airlite Plate Carrier
The S&S Precision Plate Frame presents a similar concept offered by Crye yet they snagged some awesome MultiCam armor to throw on display for their transparent carrier.
S&S Plate Frame Carrier
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