Wednesday, December 28, 2011

U.S. Marine Scout Snipers Train Malaysian Counterparts

This is a great video of Marines from 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit teaching the virtues of field craft with a focus on the ghillie suit to Malaysian Soldiers followed by an assessment of their skills in the jungle. The gist of the tutorial is that the ghillie base is not an end all concealment option, but must be built upon with the native foliage that is available in the AO.

This is another scenario that shows camouflage is only good as its user. The suit will help break up your form, but as those in the Malaysian Army are told here, if you don't out fit the ghillie foundation with vegetation, you are essentially a big very noticeable blob. Training exercises like this are taking place across the globe as U.S. troops interchange information on different skill sets. It is quite interesting to get an inside view of how these sessions go down albeit perhaps skewed from having a camera present.

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