Thursday, December 29, 2011

US Army IED Simulator Prepares Troops for Afghanistan

We are sure plenty of gamers out there would love to have this set up in their man cave, but this new IED simulator at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana serves a much higher purpose. This training system is essentially an armored vehicle outfitted with actuators for movement and outside audio to add realism to the scenarios. The  video screen provide a realistic look into driving along the roads of Afghanistan. 

This is a great concept as soldiers can not only feel the effects of an explosive blast on the vehicle, but also interact to properly respond to the different events that are thrown at them while undergoing the training. The major aspect focused on is the ability to take in the virtual surroundings and become attuned to different things you must look for to best assess your given situation as it is encountered. This gives an advanced knowledge of what to expect when placed in the real world battlefield. It can greatly improve reaction times by reducing the "unknown".

It is noted that an after simulation recorded report allows the soldiers to go over their ability to react properly to the events they encountered during the testing and learn how to fix any problems they had in their reactions. We could see a lot more possibilities for this system with different features being added for expanded training purposes. Read full details on the new simulator at: Counter IED Collective and Individual Training Program 

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