Saturday, December 3, 2011

Travis Haley: Adaptive Kalash Training Video Released

For all those AK lovers that won't be able to attend the January 11th Adaptive Kalash training course by Travis Haley at Nolatac in Metairie, LA, don't fret. Panteao Productions and Haley Strategic Partners have you covered with their new AK instructional videos. 

They will cover the different types of rifles in this platform along with proper usage for multiple situations. Perhaps you are a long time fan or just looking to step outside your comfort zone of an AR-15 Platform. Either way it is worth a watch to see what this firearm is made of and why its worldwide acceptance may be lost on some. 

The full promo presentation is provided below. The video is now available for purchase at for $49.99 and with a $10 discount if you are a member. If you are looking for the real deal onsite live fire training, check out: 

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