Thursday, December 22, 2011

Toronto Raptors Tribute to CADPAT Camouflage

We guess there is something to look forward to in this years abbreviated NBA season as Canada's only team will wear a camouflage pattern very similar to their armed forces CADPAT TW (Temperate Woodland). While some sports writers and blogger blowhards are calling foul, we think it is a pretty awesome gesture for the March 21st Canadian Forces Night. 

One so called expert said he was violently ill and others used several adjectives for horrid. Since when was camouflage meant to be a thing of beauty? We guess working late nights plugging out articles on a myopic topic leads you to exaggerate any story that is out of the norm when it comes to throwing a ball through a hole. Perhaps they should focus on why a vicious demon like dinosaurs has anything to do with Basketball or large urban landscape. 

We think this jersey plays in with their namesake a hell of a lot better than some purple and orange monstrosity. Perhaps it should be Military appreciate night every night. I doubt these office chair jockeys would be telling a Canadian Soldier that their uniform makes them want to puke. The last time I became violently ill from a basketball uniform, Larry Bird was wearing bright green short shorts and the cameraman panned in a little too close on his jump shot. Now that is trauma!

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  1. way too go im proud...i want the vancouver canucks to do something like that aswell..our military doesnt get enough gratitude.. or aknowledgment period.