Sunday, December 11, 2011

Targeted Tactical Reading

With the age of the internet it seems we are on informational overload. Choosing the best places to get your latest Tactical products, Industry news, and General reports from the field can be a daunting task. We appreciate all of the readers that check us out on a regular basis not only for the products we offer, but the newest  gear, clothing, trends, and stories that we find interesting. However, there is a lot of time in the day to check out some great news sources out there. 

Lately we have been reading a lot of Kitup! Brandon Webb, David Reeder, Jack Murphy, and more expert authors provide a great source for new military gear, guns, and a plethora of real life stories from the past and present mostly focusing on Special Operations. It is amazing the amount of fresh content they come up with on a daily basis that you just have to read. Their coverage of the Bin Ladin Raid and many different angles were amazing. They also review a lot of the latest camouflage patterns, which we can certainly appreciate. 

If you are in Law Enforcement or simply keeping up to dates on the current events and topics, then you will definitely want to check into the Bolo Report on a regular basis. You can find stories on the Mexican Drug War that you don't see on prime time news, LEO  tactical products, and law enforcement tactics from around the world.

We have a lot of firearms fiends in our audience and there are hundreds of options to choose from for appropriate online reading material. We have been following for quite some time and quite happy with the breaking news on the latest pistols and rifles as well as reviews to help determine what may be the right firearm for you. They are fairly gun-centric, which we like. They also just updated their Youtube page and promise to offer even more video action for those that appreciate this media. 

Last, but certainly not least is Soldier Systems Daily. It really goes without mention as you should have your regular updates scheduled like a reformed heroin junkies daily visits to the methadone clinic. I think their slogan relates to that some how. They always have the latest releases from the tactical industry. If they are not already book marked then something is wrong. You are missing out if you don't read on a daily basis. 

Since, there is only so much great new information to put out in a day, SSD also has They bring the lighter side of the industry including hot girls, video games, and hardcore weaponry. If you have been looking for a Storm Trooper Motorcycle suite, they can tell you where it is to be had. They have what you need from the quirky to downright bad ass. 

Like Predator Intelligence, each of these sites, except for KitUp! have their own Facebook page which you can go "Like" for spoon fed updates on their latest releases. You can always bookmark all of them, or simply type in a URL. With the continual changes at Facebook, you just may miss that one topic, which you stay up late dreaming about. 

This is certainly not an end all be all list as we visit many other sites to keep current on the latest topics in the industry, but these are  few we have not missed over the past couple weeks. If you have not been reading any of these sources for great information, then you have an entire day to play catch up!

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