Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tactical Carbine Course by Redback One

Red Back One Weapons Training
This is a great highlight photo/video reel of the Castro Valley, CA Redback One Two Day Carbine course that took place a month ago at Chabot Gun Range outside Oakland.

In previous posts we have keyed in on Jason Falla whom is the lead instructor for the combat training institute. He makes his way around the US holding specific carbine, pistol and combined courses for private individuals, military personnel, and law enforcement. 

Redback One has many specialized training courses scheduled in their 2012 calendar. In addition to their standard multi-day carbine and pistol courses, they will cover a wide variety of topics across the nation including Advanced Hostage Rescue, Combat Lifesaver and Casualty Car, Border Security Force Protection, as well as Barricade and Scenario training. We are also excited to see that they will be making their way down to the desert Southwest this coming year with plans for three scheduled courses in Arizona. View their full Calender and Training locations at:

In the past we have followed Mr. Falla's close relationship with SORD USA as he wears many of their military clothing and nylon gear during his training sessions including those items you can see in this video. He has also played a roll in development for some of their latest armor carriers and related equipment. With the growing schedule of courses in their scheduling, we wish Redback One much success in bringing convenient weapons training to students across the U.S.

Thanks to the :::316::: Channel for putting up this great video on YouTube.

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