Friday, December 23, 2011

Steven Seagal in First Spear Siege Vest

We have covered Mr. Seagal's affinity for MultiCam before as it can make for a great camouflage when helping to break up a cock fighting ring, which we saw locally when he teamed up with Sheriff Joe to crack down on crime. It appears that he also knows great tactical gear. First Spear shared this photo of the stellar actor and martial arts mater in their First Spear Siege Vest. It is complete with the Body Armor Groin Protector which will ensure future generations of badassery will be able to carry on his storied legacy. 

This is certainly a good lead up to SHOT Show 2012 as we are always excited to be in this legend's presence, even if it means waiting in line for 10 hours like last year. Hopefully this time around we can sit down with Mr. Seagal and pick up some acting tips, learn the inspiration for his blue album Dojo Priest, or how to free Tibet. Who knows, perhaps we can go down to a local dojo and pick up some Aikido lessons from the 7th degree Black Belt master. Perhaps, we are getting ahead of ourselves. 

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  1. His Blues album is called "Mojo Priest" sir!

    And he has two albums. I think he was Jamaican in the first one.