Monday, December 12, 2011

New TAD Stealth Hoodie

Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie
Triple Aught Design released the latest iteration of their Stealth Hoodie on Friday. For those that already have a previous version, you may be wondering what more improvement could be done. At first glance we thought it was just a high end tweak. However, they have integrated some pretty nifty fabric technology to adapt to changing body temperature. 

The main addition is a membrane layer utilizing c_change™schoeller technology as part of the 3 layer material that allows moisture to permeate when internal temperatures rise to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and evaporate. This provides a cooling effect during strenuous activity.

The reverse scenario takes place when temperatures drop from this threshold and body the membrane seals itself allowing for body heat to be more effectively trapped. The membrane is also windproof to provide additional protection. This combined with a thicker fleece provides for advanced protection from cold weather.

They use of good textile science does not end there. Also in conjunction with schoeller, they utilize a Nanosphere® finish on the fleece as well as the outershell, which we have seen utilized on many soft shell outerwear apparel. The treatment provides the textile with extreme repellant properties for liquids as well as dirt, oils, etc. It is also highly resistant to abrasion in order to maintain permanent effect.

TAD Stealth Hoodie Chest Pocket
Some cool features you don't see everyday are media ports in the bicep and chest pockets to guide any cords from your phone or other listening device as well as d-rings and accessory picket in the latter to secure other items.  An additional pocket is placed at the left forearm.

They currently list sizing from Small to 3XL with a mixed selection of colors still available for each size including Black, OD Green, and UE Grey. It looks like Black is already limited from initial sales. Only Velcro patch versions are currently available with two upper arm swatches present. It is noted that non-patch versions will be available. soon.

They currently offer the Stealth Hoodie for $359 with the patch variation included with free Standard Shipping. It looks like their initial production run is going fast. Check out full specs and ordering information at

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