Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Defense for New Zealand Police Responders

It was announced yesterday that New Zealand's nation Police will be receiving an upgrade in weaponry and body armor to protect their law enforcement officers. With a force of over 11,000, the NZ Police are the front line in defense against crime across the country. Just over 8% of their organization will now be outfitted with a Bushmaster Rifle, Glock Pistol, Taser, and ballistic armor.

This standardized approach to equipping the countries entire first responding police force with the tools of the trade needed may seem like a foreign concept in the U.S. where departmentalization plays a large factor in how different jurisdictions handle such matters. However, the means given can be seen as fairly wide spread at least in those departments that want to provide their officers with multiple options privy to their discretion given the situation a hand.

New Zealand has a decentralized police force, but this issuance across the board was handed down by a confident police commissioner with a common sense upper hand given to combat the nation's criminal element. We are sure that the officers of New Zealand applaud this move along with those  Gun manufacturers and Taser whom will benefit from the bulk purchasing.  Below we have provided the full video news report.

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