Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Navy Camouflage Improvement

We are gearing up for the U.S Army's decision on which patterns will move forward for comparison. However, the Navy has already started integrating their improved patterns with AOR 2 being utilized by Sailors. 

This shot is of Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Jaquez receiving the U.S. Army's Soldiers Medal for saving the lives of 3 crewman from a downed helicopter in Afghanistan. He is now part of the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command which has been issued the new Naval Working Uniform III, which features this woodland variant. 

Photo by PO 2nd Class Williams
Being very similar to the Marines MARPAT, it appears the Navy got it right when moving toward a terrain specific colorways. However with the AOR1 Desert variant, still only being utilized by Navy Special Warfare, it appears that the DCU will still be utilized those sailors deployed to arid terrains, which still play a prevalent field of battle for our troops. 

An increasing focus on Northern to East Africa certainly won't change that, neither will the continued Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Though as in the case with sailors like this one whom served in a Provincial Reconstruction Team, they are likely to be wearing MultiCam along with Soldiers. Perhaps the DCU can suffice or a departure from land operations will nip that problem in the bud. 

Photo by PO 2nd Class Suarez
When all is said and done it could certainly prove for a colorful force if each service decides to pull down their own three variants. After all, with the Army's possible change from the UCP, you could certainly see the Air Force wanting a removal of the Digital Tiger Stripes, but at the same time a distinct separation from Soldiers. Of course this is just assuming that history is just going to repeat it self and assuming that clearer heads won't prevail. 

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