Thursday, December 1, 2011

MultiCam Diaper Bag

This gives a whole new meaning to the right type of gear needed for when the $h^! Hits the fan. It can be amusing at times to see the variety of products you can find utilizing the MultiCam camouflage pattern. This Diaper Bag from Enduring Freedom Designs is no different. They focus their custom designs to military families and most of their products are geared toward military wife's including purses, baby blankets, and baby wipe holders. 

MultiCam Diaper Bag
Some may find this a bit kitchy, but I guess if your a man that is accustomed to carrying the baby changing load when out in public, this would be a great alternative to some big pink monstrosity. On the other hand if you are a military wife, this is a great option to show your support and comes complete with hook and loop on the front and side to slap on some extra morale. Plus, in the scheme of things it certainly serves a purpose with six pockets in total. Throw in some camo huggies that keyed in on and you have a whole lot of tacticool goodness. 

They offer camouflage patterns from all branches of the military new and old including Woodland, UCP (ACU), MARPAT, and NWU. You can also find some of their designs in OD Green and other old school solid colors. Check out more of their camouflage product designs at: Enduring Freedom Designs

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  1. or if ur a man home with the kids while ur baby momma is deployed.