Friday, December 16, 2011

Kloak Konsealment™ Camouflage

A lot of new camouflage patterns are coming out of the the woodwork and KLOAK is one that just appeared on the scene. We came across their press release with perfect time as everyone contemplates the final selection process for the U.S Army Camouflage Improvement Effort. The Army hasn't made any formal announcement yet. However, a move to get the word out about participants in the solicitation is making its way to the masses now that letters have been sent out.

It has been acknowledged that some companies participating in the Army's effort to find a better camouflage have learned whether they are out of the running, but no camo designers have come forward to claim the acceptance of their patterns for field trials. So it is up in the air as to who has been chosen.

This begs the question, Is Genesis Pattern Technologies seizing the moment to show off their KLOAK Koncealment camouflage patterns that they had submitted now that they are no longer in contention for a big government contract or are they making a move to show off what was capable of jumping the hurdles thrown at them and provide an effective camouflage option for additional consideration. Either way the potential exposure is great for any camouflage design company.

Today we talked with the head camouflage designer at Genesis Pattern Technologies dba KLOAK, Steven Johnson, about the patterns that were submitted in response to the solicitation. His previous experience with the creation of Mothwing Camo Technologies proved successful in using animal mimicry of nature as a basis for his patterns, and he sold the business.

The  KONBAT Tactical series consist of two families of patterns named MILPAT 1 and MILPAT2. Both were submitted in response to the solicitation. These are each a set of four patterns that fit the needs requested by the solicitation including a desert, woodland, transitional, and PPE/OCIE Variant. The pattern for each variant is the same, however they are separated by distinct colorways.

Mr. Johnson discussed the background on developing the design and noted that natural animal colorations played a factor along with topography such as canyons, river spillways, and mountain ranges, plus lightning. It  was not confirmed how they fared in the solicitation, but they will be moving forward regardless in bringing their Konbat camouflage patterns for licensing in use with tactical and military apparel as well as hard goods. Below you will see a shot of their Konbat "Mountain" Variant on a long sleeve shirt. They will be exhibiting at SHOT Show where you can view products in the Konbat as well as other Kloak Koncealment camouflage patterns at booth #11243.

KLOAK Konsealment "Mountain" Camouflage
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