Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HSGI Tablet / Modular Admins Pouch

With the iPad and other similar tablets being top selling electronics for Christmas, High Speed Gear has a new administrative pouch that is right up your alley. Perhaps you want to complement that new high tech computer you are sending off as a Christmas gift with a great organization carrying case for the field. You are probably screwed at this point, but hey there is always next year to follow up with their Tablet/Modular Admins Pouch (T-MAP) . 

HSGI Tablet/Modular Admins Pouch
We had covered wearable computers in the past and perhaps the high tech applications have their place out in the field for very specific operations, but with computers getting smaller and smaller, this is the future! To have everything you need in one small package that adds little heft to your equipment is key for the light fighter of the 21st century. HSGI sees this need and will equip you with appropriate accessories to mount the T-MAP to your carrier as needed with its own H-Harness for quick use in the field. 

Internally, vinyl tablet protection wrap is included to fit a IPad2 or Samsung Galaxy 10.1, which you can choose while ordering. The interior has double sided loop to attach the tablet wrap as well the inclusive  panel that can carry necessary administration tools. Thick plastic sheets are behind the loop to add structure or to be removed and utilized as a writing pad or placed in front of the tablet screen for additional protection. 

Externally the Pouch is covered with rows of webbing for easy attachment and the capability to carry other pouches on the reverse side. Additional loop is attached at the top for name tape. It is available in Coyote, Khaki, MultiCam, and A-TACS Camouflage. The HSGI T-MAP can be purchased online at 

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