Monday, December 12, 2011

Gucci Camo Game Controllers

It only takes time before a new camouflage pattern makes its way on every product known to man. This certainly is the case with the PS3 and XBOX game controllers being churned out in MultiCam and A-TACS Camouflage by a Spanish Hydrographics company called HG Arts Modz out of Barcelona. 

It is hard to judge at a glance if these are licensed patterns, but the MultiCam Version which is not so bueno does have the recognizable name and trademark printed right on the controller, so perhaps they went through the proper channels. The A-TACS pattern is a bit on the dark side, but certainly comes across as being more comparable to what you typically see on nylon gear.

A-TACS PS3 Game Controller
We have seen similar results for the two camouflage patterns when water transferred to rifles accessories, so it is no surprise to see these results on the XBox 360 Controller and PS3 controllers. The true question is how long it will take to come out with a matching pouch to attach these to your modular pack. I am sure a nerdgasm will be achieved by many when coming across this set, especially when they see you can add Brass or Silver Bullet Buttons.

Of course mom and dad may gasp when they see you have to plop down around $125  for one controller plus $45 shipping from Europe. I guess it will take that much more convincing on how much quicker you will gain your prestige!

MultiCam XBox 360 Controller

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