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Combat XII-MEC Pack in PenCott™ Camouflage

Combat XII-MEC Pack in PenCott™ Badlands 
Ares Armor's Combat XII Pack has been one of our most popular products for 2011. The increased mobility with its direct attach body armor system along with its solo carry shoulder straps allow the end user much versatility for customizing to the load. 

The top mount mag holder has added a simplistic method to securely carry additional mags. We have had a good amount of customer feedback on the pack and have combined this information to tweak the design and incorporate the PenCott™ Camouflage family of patterns for a new modified version.

We are proud to announce that the Combat XII-MEC Pack designed by Ares Armor will be soley offered at utilizing Hyde Definition's PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage patterns. It will not include rear PALS webbing to meet one  design criteria requested to provide for better concealment and a streamlined utility for the pack. It will still include the side webbing from the original design for those that would like custom modularity with added pouches for an assault.

Combat XII-MEC Pack in PenCott™ GreenZone
This lightweight military pack is the first to be brought to the market offering the Sandstorm (Arid), GreenZone (Temperate), and the transitional Badlands colorways. The camouflage is designed to combine a micro pattern to evade close range detection, macro pattern for long ranges, as well as a midi pattern for any distance inbetween.

The colorways are developed from colors and tones chosen from the focused environment. Offering three color variants covers each side of the foliage spectrum from very little or no vegetation to lush vegetation, and everything inbetween, leaving no grey area for where this camouflage can be utilized. These different  factors combined with complex fractal shapes with dithered edges provides for a three dimensional and omni-directional function for ultimate concealment in a most terrains. The person wearing the camouflage essentially disappears like a ghost into the surrounding area of operation and avoids recognition by the human eye. PenCott™ will also soon have a Snowdrift colorway to extend the versatility with an artic variant.

Having previously seen these camouflage patterns shown in different environments for which they are intended we were quite impressed with the effectiveness of the concealment. One we had our prototype pack in hand we thought it would be interesting to take it out into the terrains for which each camouflage was intended. We initially had a GreenZone and Badlands version of the pack created for these purposes and took them out to different areas around the city.
Combat XII-MEC Pack in GreenZone Hide Shot

Being in the Phoenix desert, this could be hard for the Temperate GreenZone, but we were able to manage with a few wetlands along the rivers. Above is a photo of one such area with the pack in a hide position. Below is a close up shot of the Combat XII-MEC Pack in GreenZone revealing its position. We are not experts in any terms of camouflage analysis, but we were impressed with the small batch of photos that we did take.

We will leave the true analysis to those at Natick who have conducted Pattern in Picture testing of the PenCott™camouflage for effectiveness in conjunction with the U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort Solicitation. This will be the big test for future comparison against competing camouflage patterns.

The Combat XII-MEC Pack is now available for pre-order at with Free Shipping within the CONUS and to APO/FPO. We have a targeted shipment date of January 19th for the initial production run. Below are few more photos of the packs. For more information on Hyde Definition and their PenCott Camouflage Patterns visit:

Combat XII-MEC Pack in GreenZone Up Close

PenCott™ Badlands Camouflage

    PenCott™ GreenZone Camouflage
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