Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bourque Industries Ultralight Terminator Plates

With their Kryon Metal Alloy, Bourque Industries has manufactured some of the lightest level II armor plates in the industry, weighing in at under 13 ounces for a 5X8 plate. 

The Terminator Ultralight plates will be available for sale at the start of the New Year and offer protection against .357 and 9mm ammo under NIJ standard testing without added soft armor. They also do not degrade from multiple rounds and can take hits around the outside just as efficiently. 

These plates weigh substantially less than comparable steel or ceramic plates and are on par with those made of Polyethylene. They note that plates with larger dimensions will soon follow. We look forward to see where they take this technology as they help bring lighter weight armor protection options to law enforcement and military personnel. Their new product manufacturer can also bring a lot of new much needed jobs to the stagnant economy. 

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