Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bidding 2011 Farewell Along with Dead Tyrants

One can't say that the past year wasn't great for helping rid the world of tyranny. Perhaps there are a thousand dirty bastards standing in line to replace them, but terrorists that oppressed millions of people for several decades are now taking a long needed dirt nap, or in one case a deep sea expedition of no return. We saw the killings of Qaddafi, Bin Laden, and with a less messy fall from disgrace Kim Jong Il to round out a Terror Trifecta just before year end.

The beginning of the 21st Century is certainly looking bright for many nations that have been under the influence of ponderous dictatorship. Perhaps over the next decade we can see a reverse in the crumbling of Cuba as Castro loses a war far deadlier than any invasion. His Venezuelan buddy, Chavez has been given a similar dose of the same medicine and is hanging in there. But who knows what tomorrow may bring. Blow hard Hugo would like the world to believe that a US plot is spreading the Crab disease around left leaning Latino leaders like some patriotic plague.

We guess if it will make the world a better place then let the conspiracysts believe what they will. It seems there are much quicker ways to get the job done than long bouts with Cancer. If there could be one New Year's resolution we could guarantee, it would be watching more funeral coverage like the video shown below. You may have missed the State procession and mourning for North Korea's Dear Leader. Luckily the great journalists at NMA World were on the scenes and created an animated version of the events for your viewing pleasure. 

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