Friday, December 2, 2011

BCS Brings A-TACS FG to Market

We have been following Beez Combat Systems for quite some time now and they are churning out some high quality gear. They were also one of the first Nylon Gear companies to adopt the A-TACS Camouflage pattern for their products. Their versatile range of carriers, rigs, and other innovative designs have certainly drawn our attention. 

BCS Plate Carrier Cumber in A-TACS FG
Beyond this the high quality Made in the USA products that BCS offers has garnered our trust in offering their great products. We will be featuring the BCS Plate Carrier Cumber in the A-TACS FG and will follow suit with many more of their armor carriers, unique chest rigs, and their very awesome Shotgun Scabbard. 

A-TACS always provides incomparable photos for any product utilizing their camouflage patterns. They certainly were right on point with this shot which shows the first Nylon Gear  utilizing their foliage green variant. You can see the BCS Plate Carrier along with a variety of Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) pouches in A-TACS FG.  The A-TACS FG Plate Carrier will come complete with matching webbing and velcro. 

Over the past year A-TACS has combined a top of the line list of manufacturers offering their camouflage design on a wide variety of military clothing and gear. We are sure there will be a transition period for some to separate the new A-TACS FG from the original A-TACS with AU added for easy differentiation, but it is clear to us that the diversity of terrains in which you can utilize both patterns allows for a customized selection for proper concealment. Along with this new addition we will soon offer all Ares Armor products in the new variant. You can find the BCS Plate Carrier with Cumber at 

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