Monday, December 5, 2011

Armorworks Cobra Utilizing Opticam Camouflage Technology

We had covered some of the great designs from Tactical Concealment Manufacturing Corp. and their application of A-TACS Camouflage on their Sniper Apparel. Their latest creation is their popular Cobra Ghillie foundation sampling the camouflage technology known as Opticam. This is a AO specific pattern that utilizes spectral imaging or simple digital photographs to create a custom pattern to be utilized in the targeted terrain. 

What is shown below known as the AW Cobra is merely a prototype utilizing Opticam with a sample color scheme and is not available for purchase. Now we assume this is not just some tease, but could have some potential for future distribution with use of the ArmorWorks camouflage technology.

AW Cobra Opticam Armor Works Camouflage
It is noted by ArmorWorks that the Opticam utilizes the normal means for printing and manufacturing of fabric, so it is not a leap that this system could be on the market if not already through the appropriate channels. Special Operation Apps has promoted a similar concept with their CamoScience™ App along with Direct-to-Garment printing for quick customization of camouflage uniforms for any terrain. 

The implications are very intriguing given the move by the U.S. Army towards more environment specific concealment in their uniforms through their Camouflage Improvement Effort. However, developments like this always beg the question as to "How Much?" and "How Effective?" We will certainly follow any new information to see if the answers to these questions are worthwhile. 

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