Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Afghan Special Forces in Ghostex Camouflage

Two months ago HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. publicly released the Ghostex Kilo-1 camouflage pattern to be utilized by the Afghan Border Police. For a little background, the Ghostex™ Advanced Camouflage System was developed for operators to hand pick a pattern that meets the need of their specific AO. In conjunction with ADS, Inc., Hyperstealth developed these different camouflage patterns with a major  focus on US Special Forces and Black Ops.  

Given HyperStealth's close ties through ADS, Inc. with Afghan Forces and the wide spread acceptance of their camouflage patterns with the ANA, ANCOP, and ABP, it comes as no surprise to us to come across this video giving an overview of Afghan Special Forces and seeing that they are wearing a Ghostex camouflage pattern.

MultiCam v. Kilo-1
We are yet unsure if this is the same Kilo-1 adopted by the ABP though, as there are countless possible variants, but it is very comparable with what appears to be a MultiCam colorway and the main pattern. You can skip to minute 1:39 for one of the clearest shots of the pattern and color palette. 

We had previously seen the APU wearing MultiCam uniforms, so their acceptance for this transitional camouflage utilized by many ISAF/NATO forces in OEF is apparent. However they clearly wanted something different in terms of pattern to differentiate from the US, UK, and Australian forces that are utilizing some variant of the Crye Precision design. Clearly it appears Afghan Special Forces are modifying their uniform concealment to fit in with their foreign operating allies, whereas in the past U.S. forces have been known to go old school woodland for the sake of matching.

These are very exciting times for the camouflage design industry so we will be looking forward to see how the different players shake things up by spreading their innovation across the globes fighting forces.

Update: It has been confirmed as Ghostex Kilo-1, first to be utilized by ANA Special Forces

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