Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Gloves

Shot Show 2012 will be a big reveal for many of the latest products on the market and 5.11 Tactical is promising to make a big showcase of the latest products and upcoming releases for the New Year. Coming to their popular glove line are three styles of Screen Ops Gloves. You may have see the Outdoor Research or North Face's versions of a glove with a different material at the finger type to allow the wearer to utilize devises such as tablets and smartphones that require a direct tactile screen control. 

Everyone that has braved cold weather trying to keeping their paws warm, while at the same trying to dial with a tactile screen is a major feat. There is the pull two fingers from the glove approach, so that the remaining digits don't numb up. You could also go with chopping off the tip of your index finger (on the glove!). However, most of the time you just throw the mitt off for expediency. With the new "fingertip" access gloves, you can keep the hands warm at all times, while still swirling your finger around on any screen.

5.11 Screen Ops Tactical Gloves
5.11 is offering a patrol, duty, and tactical version of their Screen Ops Gloves. Each finger is equipped with their  specific fingertip construction for screen access. You can be sure that all ten fingers can be in use with the glove  on, which could prove especially useful if doing a full type session on the larger tablets out in frigid conditions. A shot of the Tactical Version is show above which also has a Black version. The Patrol glove seen below is very similar to the Duty Option, but the latter has a similar Velcro closure to the Tactical Glove. Listed pricing ranges from $50-$90 depending on the style with the Tactical option being on the high end. We look forward to checking these out and Vegas and see the other features they reveal onsite.

5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Patrol Gloves
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